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another great recipe from Claire!

June 2nd, 2009 § 1


I do love to bake, but I find it virtually impossible to find the time at the moment, so when I found out that there was a user of the website who is a goddess in the kitchen and has some truly scrumptious recipes, I just had to ask her to share them with us!

So, here’s another great recipe from FP Club member, Claire!  This time it’s No Knead Bread, in Claire’s words…..

I am so taken with the concept of ‘no knead’ bread that I saw in the New York Times that I haven’t looked back. It seems to take time, but it actually takes no effort. It’s something to do with the yeast doing all it’s stuff slowly overnight and the casserole working as a mini steam oven.

This is my version of it as it makes a fabulous crusty loaf with a great open texture to soak up butter.

15oz Strong bread flour
1/4  tsp instant easibake yeast (out of a sachet)
1 tsp salt

Mix together well

Add 11fl oz of lukewarm water
Slosh it round into a gooey lump of dough
Leave in a big bowl and cover with cling film
Leave in kitchen for 16-18 hours – or more if you forget!

Use a dough scraper/cutter to scrape the quite wet dough away from the sides, using plenty of flour to stop it sticking, and shuffle it back into a nice round shape.

I tend to put it in a clean floured or oiled bowl to stop it sticking.

Cover with a tea towel.

Leave for 2 more hours.

Preheat oven to 200-220 and put in a Le Creuset or cast iron casserole with a lid on.

Again use the scraper and a a good sprinkle of flour to detach the dough from the bowl without puncturing it’s airy goodness!  Then quick as you can, without losing the heat from the oven and pan, throw the dough into the hot pan smooth side  down and put the lid back on.

Cook for 30 minutes lid on
Cook for  10-15 minutes lid off until Golden brown
Cool well before trying to  slice….enjoy!

Click here to visit Claire’s rather lovely blog.

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